# Static Data

# Language Codes & Localization

To denote Chapter Translation language, translated fields such as Titles and Descriptions, the API expects a 2-letter language code in accordance with the ISO 639-1 standard. Additionally, some cases require the 5-letter extension if the alpha-2 code is not sufficient to determine the correct sub-type of a language, in the style of $language-$region, e.g. zh-hk or pt-br.

Because there is no standardized method of denoting romanized translations, we chose to append the -ro suffix. For example the romanized version of 五等分の花嫁 is 5Toubun no Hanayome or Gotoubun no Hanayome. Both would have the ja-ro language code, alternative versions are inserted as alternative titles. This is a clear distinction from the localized en translation The Quintessential Quintuplets

Notable exceptions are in the table below, otherwise ask a staff member if unsure.

alpha-5 Description
zh Simplified Chinese
zh-hk Traditional Chinese
pt-br Brazilian Portugese
es Castilian Spanish
es-la Latin American Spanish
ja-ro Romanized Japanese
ko-ro Romanized Korean
zh-ro Romanized Chinese

# Manga publication demographic

Value Description
shounen Manga is a Shounen
shoujo Manga is a Shoujo
josei Manga is a Josei
seinen Manga is a Seinen

# Manga status

Value Description
ongoing Manga is still going on
completed Manga is completed
hiatus Manga is paused
cancelled Manga has been cancelled

# Manga reading status


# Manga content rating

Value Description
safe Safe content
suggestive Suggestive content
erotica Erotica content
pornographic Pornographic content

# Manga order options

Name Value Default
title Enum: "asc", "desc"
year Enum: "asc", "desc"
createdAt Enum: "asc", "desc"
updatedAt Enum: "asc", "desc"
latestUploadedChapter Enum: "asc", "desc" "desc"
followedCount Enum: "asc", "desc"
relevance Enum: "asc", "desc"

# Chapter order options

Name Value Default
createdAt Enum: "asc", "desc" "asc"
updatedAt Enum: "asc", "desc" "asc"
publishAt Enum: "asc", "desc" "asc"
readableAt Enum: "asc", "desc" "asc"
volume Enum: "asc", "desc" "asc"
chapter Enum: "asc", "desc" "asc"

# CustomList visibility

Value Description
public CustomList is public
private CustomList is private

# Relationship types

Value Description
manga Manga resource
chapter Chapter resource
cover_art A Cover Art for a manga *
author Author resource
artist Author resource (drawers only)
scanlation_group ScanlationGroup resource
tag Tag resource
user User resource
custom_list CustomList resource

* Note, that on manga resources you get only one cover_art resource relation marking the primary cover if there are more than one. By default this will be the latest volume's cover art. If you like to see all the covers for a given manga, use the cover search endpoint for your mangaId and select the one you wish to display.

# Manga links data

In Manga attributes you have the links field that is a JSON object with some strange keys, here is how to decode this object:

Key Related site URL URL details
al anilist https://anilist.co/manga/`{id}` Stored as id
ap animeplanet https://www.anime-planet.com/manga/`{slug}` Stored as slug
bw bookwalker.jp https://bookwalker.jp/`{slug}` Stored as "series/"
mu mangaupdates https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=`{id}` Stored as id
nu novelupdates https://www.novelupdates.com/series/`{slug}` Stored as slug
kt kitsu.io https://kitsu.io/api/edge/manga/`{id}` or https://kitsu.io/api/edge/manga?filter[slug]={slug} If integer, use id version of the URL, otherwise use slug one
amz amazon N/A Stored as full URL
ebj ebookjapan N/A Stored as full URL
mal myanimelist https://myanimelist.net/manga/{id} Store as id
cdj CDJapan N/A Stored as full URL
raw N/A N/A Stored as full URL, untranslated stuff URL (original language)
engtl N/A N/A Stored as full URL, official english licenced URL

# Manga related enum

This data is used in the "related" field of a Manga relationships

Value Description
monochrome A monochrome variant of this manga
colored A colored variant of this manga
preserialization The original version of this manga before its official serialization
serialization The official serialization of this manga
prequel The previous entry in the same series
sequel The next entry in the same series
main_story The original narrative this manga is based on
side_story A side work contemporaneous with the narrative of this manga
adapted_from The original work this spin-off manga has been adapted from
spin_off An official derivative work based on this manga
based_on The original work this self-published derivative manga is based on
doujinshi A self-published derivative work based on this manga
same_franchise A manga based on the same intellectual property as this manga
shared_universe A manga taking place in the same fictional world as this manga
alternate_story An alternative take of the story in this manga
alternate_version A different version of this manga with no other specific distinction

# User roles enum

Value Description
ROLE_ADMIN MangaDex admins
ROLE_CONTRIBUTOR Helpers contributing by filling in missing information (Description, External Links) on Manga pages on MangaDex
ROLE_DEVELOPER MangaDex site developers
ROLE_FORUM_MODERATOR Moderates the forum
ROLE_GROUP_LEADER Leaders of active groups on MangaDex
ROLE_GROUP_MEMBER Member of a group
ROLE_GUEST Users viewing the site without being logged in
ROLE_MEMBER A normal account
ROLE_MD_AT_HOME Involved with the MangaDex@Home project
ROLE_POWER_UPLOADER Uploaded 500 or more chapters to MangaDex
ROLE_PUBLIC_RELATIONS Manages social media
ROLE_UNVERIFIED Accounts that haven't had their email address verified yet
ROLE_USER A normal account
ROLE_VIP Important people that in one way or another helped MangaDex